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How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party – Summarized

Have you ever seen an older sibling taking a younger sibling’s favorite toy? The toy of choice for politicians to dangle out of our reach is immigration. Every social issue that is decided on is determined from how immigration is controlled. The Democrats have been on fire to promote more immigrant citizenship that vote more Democratic than Republican creating more voters for them. This includes the issues and exceptions surrounding amnesty to achieve citizenship. The Republican politicians are like smoke, they want to minimize what looks like fire yet still benefit from the fire. Trump’s like air, as water is to fish. A breath of fresh air that speaks what we feel and know to be true.

I’ve heard from all sides of the political spectrum, each legal citizen and illegal immigrants, pointing a finger saying they’re lemmings following their leader off the cliff. I view voters having arrived at a point of clarity that there clearly is no other choice. For example, the World Trade Center, each tower struck by an airplane, became fully engulfed in flames and bellowing smoke. The Americans trapped in those buildings were faced with three choices, burn to death, die of asphyxiation or jump into the air to their end.

Those who dared jump off the buildings that day, in their minds, chose the lessor of the three evils. For me, I’d choose the air. Voters aren’t lemmings, I see someone who presents me with hope and that’s what air is to people. Do I want other legal voters to support Trump? My answer to that is it’s not my responsibility to open one’s mind to change their vote, it’s theirs. How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party shows that losing the immigration issue will turn our political system completely over to the Democrats and a social services enabled way of life, if we allow it to happen.



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