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Hillary: Winner of the Losing Trifecta


Let’s face it Trump possesses an acquired point view, it’s when he consistently began speaking what I was thinking and wanted to say out loud, I understood he was different from the other candidates. No, not just within the Republican Party, the Democratic Party as well. He has the attitude trait that I identify with which is, “What are going to do to me, take away my birthday?” Because of that attitude I see him being the one that gets things done in a manner and direction that no one will have seen before in a president.

I’ve learned to accept the point of view of why our government isn’t working, why politicians don’t work for us and here’s why. Politicians are not accountable for our interests to fix America’s problems that should be reflected in a budget that’s used as a blueprint to get us to our goals. Our politicians are writing checks America’s checkbook can’t cash, and it’s not called check fraud because our hands are tied at closing the checking account. I contribute to that checking account and so do you, if you pay taxes.

Politicians are merely made handicapable by special interests, whether it’s for money, constituents, or benefits for themselves and their political peers. For example, when was the last time you voted to raise your own salary with impunity and that your pension benefit was 100% upon retirement? I know I could live with making upward of $200,000 a year from your money. When was the last time you decided on a great healthcare plan that you and I can’t get or afford, by the way that comes directly out of America’s checkbook before and after their retirement. I’d love to have my healthcare provider send me to John Hopkins for treatment without paying a dime out of pocket, wouldn’t you?

There’s so much more disillusionment caused by our politicians for merely throwing America under the bus. I agreed with the politicians as they knowingly chuckled at the January 13, 2016 State of the Union Address when Obama brought the point up that he and the politicians in front of him all had good pensions in place while the American people were struggling in this economy. Don’t believe me, replay it on YouTube! So why wouldn’t I vote for Trump who speaks my mind, appears at face value to minimize my exposure to failure and has a great track record for winning.

Now, have you ever noticed how Democrats treat you like a child or call you names when you disagree with their ideas? They’ll say we could have national healthcare like other countries and when you say other countries have immigration problems, they reply we’re not other countries. Other once peaceful countries have misunderstood the impact of their immigration policies in the past several years and now they’re admitting they exercised poor judgment. In addition, other countries that started accepting immigrants quickly closed their borders even faster when they realized in light of what’s happening in their own country and around the world. They probably thought that it wasn’t in their best interest.

President Obama and Hilary are trying to put America on the same fast track of going down the path that other countries that made bad decisions have gone. It doesn’t make me wonder why President Obama, Hilary and the people who support their decision to one up the other countries by granting amnesty to undocumented immigrants. America seems to do everything bigger and better than any other country, including losing. Healthcare, immigration and amnesty are the trifecta of making our country a hell hole for their gains. These are the very same gains that produce a byproduct that provide benefits from America’s checkbook to immigrants, screwing over those who pay taxes and African-Americans, again. Trump supporters aren’t here to participate and we’re not here committing violence, we’re here to take over.



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